Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer in Sacramento.

There are no two ways about it, summer in Sacramento is hot! One of my favorite ways to cool off is to spend an evening at the river. Dipping into a freezing body of water cools you off in no time. You can also let the dog run around and maybe even watch the sunset before heading home. Some of my favorite river spots for a quick dip.

Sutter's Landing: I like this place. It has plenty of parking near the Sutter's Landing skate park. Just a short walk over the levee and you are at a pretty decent sandy beach. I like to head to the eastern side and walk as far down as I can to get away from some of the riff raff that tends to gather at the main "entrance" of the river. I've yet to see any dead floating bodies (knock on wood) but have read many Sac Bee stories in which they pull dead bodies from this portion of the lake. I've never been bothered at this part of the river, nor has my car ever been broken in to. Pretty decent spot.

Paradise Beach: This was the spot I'd go to when skipping high school. Now it's a little too far for me to drive for just an evening dip, but worth checking out. It's a good mix of regular families at the park vs. stoner burn outs trying to skim board wading in the murky waters. There are a few good small trails to walk and/or you can walk along the levee. Take a float and walk up to Sac State and ride back down to Paradise, it's a nice easy float that's not too difficult nor scary. It's also fun to dig golf balls out of the river when you pass Campus Commons. I've spent a lot of time at this part of the river.

Garcia Bend: Garcia Bend is sort of new to me because I didn't grow up in Greenhaven/Pocket. It's not too far from my house and it's a decent beach, the only draw back is that people love to leave their trash behind. The sandy beaches are littered with old booze bottles, fishing lures, and even clothing. I'm not sure what goes on when I'm not there but the garbage is frustrating. I would suggest that if you go to Garcia Bend to keep your Tevas on and take some trash as you leave to help keep things looking beautiful. Honestly, I don't feel all that safe at this beach and I don't know if it's because it is unfamiliar or what....but maybe take a friend when you go to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

William B. Pond Probably one of my favorite spots due to the nostalgia. This is another place I'd go to with friends during summers when I attended high school. It's a beautiful park that's spread out with lots of places to explore. It's also along the American River which is always more beautiful than the Sacramento River in my opinion. I enjoy seeing the million dollar homes that line parts of the river and the fact that the water is so clear that i can see fish when I cross the walking bridge.

The Delta: Take a drive down Freeport until you arrive on the Delta. Pick any little spot you see to pull over and enjoy the river views. I love the entire region and especially love the town of Locke which I'll write more about in future posts.

There are many other places I like to go along the river during the summer. These are just a few favorites for a quick night time excursion when you need to cool off and be back home in time to watch the Bachelorette. Remember to be safe, not leave valuables in your car, wear sunscreen and use mosquito repellent. Oh, and if you're rafting or taking the kids, please, please use a life jacket.   Enjoy!